Record Number PR001-98
Project Title Efficacy Verification Trials of Bt Transgenic Corn Hybrids Against Corn Borer,
O strinia furnacalis g uenee in the Philippines
Organism Locally adapted (tropical) corn hybrids with the Bt cry1A(b) gene
Proponent Dr. Samuel Dalmacio
Pioneer Hi-Bred Phils., Inc.
4th St., arymount Village
Los Baños, Laguna

Dr. Eduardo C. Fernandez
Institute of Plant Breeding
UP Los Baños, College, Laguna
Experimental Site Pioneer Hi-Bred Phils., Inc. Compound
Glamang, Polomolok, South
Experimental Site Size 500 sq. m.
Date Received Original Proposal: Sept. 9, 1998
Change of sites: May 30, 2000
Date of Approval Original Proposal: Aug. 25, 1999
Change of sites: Dec. 28, 2000 (by ad referendum)
Date Planted Jan. 8, 2001
Date Harvested April 2, 2001
Purpose To determine the efficacy of Bt transgenic corn hybrids against Asiatic corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis
Guenee under field conditions
Brief Summary The Bt transgenic hybrids corn will look and behave like any other corn hybrids, except that they will
resist the attack of Asiatic corn borer (and possibly other lepidopterous insects), thereby minimizing,
if not completely eliminating the damage done by this very important corn insect pest in the