Record Number PR002-98
Project Title Field Bioefficacy Verification of Transgenic Corn Against
A siatic Corn Borer, O strinia furnacalis Guenee in the Philippines
Organism Insect-Protected Corn Hybrids (Bt corn with Bt cry1A(b) gene
Proponent Dr. Manuel Logroño
Address: Cargill Phils., Inc.
14th Floor, Citibank Tower
8741 Paseo De Roxas, Makati

Dr. Eduardo C. Fernandez
Address: Institute of Plant Breeding
UP Los Baños, College, Laguna
Experimental Site Agroseed Research Station
Conel Road, Lagao,
Gen. Santos City;
Experimental Site Size 500 sq. m.
Date Received 12 October 1998
Date of Approval 25 Aug. 1999
Date Planted Dec. 15, 1999
Date Harvested March 18, 2000
Purpose To demonstrate the effectiveness of Insect-Protected Corn Hybrids against the major insect pest of
corn – corn borer
Brief Summary The Insect-Protected Corn Hybrids produces a chemical substance called protein that specifically
reacts to the stomach of the corn borer larvae that kills it. Scientific data showed that it does not harm
natural enemies or beneficial organisms such as bees and wasps, birds, animals and human.