Record Number PR003-00
Project Title Field testing of transgenic rice with XA-21 gene for bacterial blight resistance
Organism Three transgenic lines of the commercial rice variety, IR72 carrying Xa21 gene for bacterial blight resistance
Proponent Dr. Rhodora Aldemita
Philippine Rice Research Institute
Maligaya, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Experimental Site PhilRice Central Experiment Station
Maligaya,, Munoz, Nueva Ecija
Experimental Site Size 1,000 sq.m.
Date Received Original Proposa : Feb 14, 2000
Revised Proposal : June 22, 2001
Date of Approval January 26, 2002
Date Planted 1st Season (Wet Season) - June 19, 2002

2nd Season (Dry Season) - Dec. 9, 2002
Date Harvested 1st Season (Wet Season) - Sept. 30, 2002

2nd Season (Dry Season) - March 26, 2003
Purpose To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Xa21 gene to protect the rice crop against bacterial blight, a major disease of rice in the Philippines.
Brief Summary Based on the greenhouse and screenhouse trials conducted independently in PhilRice (1999) and IRRI (1998), there is no difference in morphology and agronomic characteristics (e.g. maturity, yield, etc.) between the transgenic IR72 and the untransformed IR72. The only difference however, is the addition of Xa21 gene into the transgenic IR72. The resistance gene Xa21 has a broad spectrum resistance to different races of bacterials blight (BB) pathogen in the Philippines. Hence, the increased resistance of the transgenic IR72 to BB would be a major contribution to rice production particularly in those areas in the Philippines where BB is a major disease problem.