Record Number PR004-00
Project Title Multi-Location Field Bioefficacy Verification Trial of Transgenic C-818 and C-838 Yieldgard Corn Against Asiatic Corn Borer, O strinia f urnacalis Guenee, in the Philippines
Organism Yieldgard Insect-Protected Corn
Proponent Dr. Victor Alpuerto
Monsanto Philippines, Inc.
Experimental Site N/A
Experimental Site Size 1,700 sq. m.
Date Received Yieldgard Insect-Protected Corn
Date of Approval June 6, 2001
Date Planted N/A
Date Harvested N/A
Purpose 1. To confirm resistance of Yieldgard against Asiatic Corn Borer (ACB)
2. To evaluate the economic value of Yieldgard
3. To compare grain quality by quantifying levels of mycotoxin in grains
Brief Summary Yieldgard insect-protected corn produces a chemical substance called protein. This substance specifically reacts in the stomach of the corn borer larvae, eventually killing the insect pest. Scientific data demonstrate that the protein does not harm natural enemies or beneficial organisms (Sanders et al., 1998)